Starting at: $115

Wood Mounts: They are made with our Photo Lustre Print and have an archival film lamination in Satin. The photo is mounted to a layered wood product that gives a rustic charm to portraits. The back comes with a keyhole backing and is ready to hang.

Flushmounts: Colour Edges options: White, Black and Pale Grey

In Satin Lamination and comes ready to hang with a slotted back.

Flushmounts display are approx. 7/8” thick with beveled edges. 

Edges are sanded, bevelled and hand painted (up to 4 layers). Longer lasting & more durable.

Flushmount + Wood Mounts

8 x10 - $115

11x14 - $160

16x20 - $220

18x24 - $260 (Only available in Flushmount)

These are our regular sizes, but a variety of size options are available. Please send an email to inquire about a specific size you need.

Sizes for flush mounts can range from 8x10 to 30x40.

Circle Floatmount + Wood Mount

12x12 - $170

16x16 - $220

20x20 - $258

24x24 - $333 (Only available in Floatmount)

All products are subject to GST tax. Prices subject to change without notice.

Ready to Begin?

Book today and receive the "Session Fee Discount" and when you're ready you can decided when and where you would like your session to take place.

*Limited time offer


what colours to wear?

Earthy tones work best!
Beige, brown, grey, orange, mossy green and mustard.

what to wear?

Outfits without patterns work best since big colourful patterns or logos can be distracting in portrait photos.

Husband: khaki pants and a simple t shirt or casual dress shirt would work great.
Mom: Moms are our light in our home so I love when mom wears a flowy orange or mustard dress.
For little girls: Simple dress or romper looks very nice.
For little boys: For little man I would suggest something similar to dad or a romper.
For Kids: If we do outdoor shoot I love having little one bring along boots so we can get some shots of them splashing in puddles or the pond.
Newborns: We have a couple of outfits and wraps here at the home studio, don’t hesitate to ask for photos!

I have a couple of client outfits for mom and little ones. Mom is able to try them on days before the shoot to see if it fits correctly. Ask me what I have in my client closet.

Again, these are just suggestions I give from my experience. You are welcome to wear anything that makes you feel comfortable.

How many Outfits should I bring?

For Home Studio or At Your Home Session you are able to bring as many outfits as you would like. For ourdoor sesions we would suggest for adults to bring clothes you can put over what you are already wearing to change it up a little bit. It's easy enough to change the little ones in the park.

What should I bring to my session?

I’d suggest to bring snacks and water! Bring snack incase the family gets hungry or thirsty. Tips: Bring snacks that aren't messy, we don't want to end up with a little stain.

How long are sessions?

Classic Sessions 1 - 1.5 hrs
Newborn Sessions 1 - 2 hrs

Do you have mini sessions?

Yes! We definitely have mini sessions, depending on the Holidays coming up! Follow me BELOW on Instagram or Facebook so you can be the first grab discounts or booking dates for our famous mini sessions!

How long after our session will our gallery be ready?

Two weeks.

What is "At Your Home Session"?

At Your Home session is when the session takes place at the comfort of your own home, we bring all the equipment that is needed. We can shoot in your favorite parts of your home, baking cookies in the kitchen, hanging out in the living room with the kids or even some beautiful shots of you and your newborn in their new nursery.

What is a "Home studio session?"

This session takes place at my apartment located across the King George skytrain. Being a home studio we have all the props needed on hand. So sit back and relax while you enjoy a cup of coffee/tea and snacks on me.

Vancouver BC - karenley.sweetdreams@gmail.com - 778.814.9022